Lunar Lighting Pty Ltd

Lunar Lighting produces energy-efficient and low maintenance GLARE FREE portable lighting solutions that reduce environmental impact and construction time whilst also increasing quality and productivity. Lunar Lighting was established over 20 years ago and is the inventor and world leader of the glare free High Wattage Lighting Tower technology with registered worldwide patents and trademarks.

For over 20 years, Lunar Lighting has been heavily involved with research and development, focusing on the development of new and exciting portable and permanent glare free lighting solutions with the production of glare-free, high wattage 360° Lunar Lights. Some models duplicate daylight colour temperature of 6000°K which can enhance workplace safety.

The glare free Lunar Lights throw a brighter, more people-friendly light. On construction sites, they provide a more natural light without the shadowing and yellowing problems of conventional lights. Plus they require less energy, with fewer lights to illuminate the same area so they have less cost all round, and a smaller carbon-footprint. Attention to detail, precision engineering and quality control has enabled some Lunar Lights to obtain NATO stock numbers issued from the Department of Defence after rigorous testing. The Defence Department Army Construction Squadron noted that their construction time was reduced by 30 per cent by using the 12kW glare free Lunar Lighting Tower, which equates to significant project savings in logistics, maintenance and running costs (shown in the comparison chart

The single 12,000W globe is rated at 1,200,000 lumens. That’s up to 15 times the lumen output of conventional lighting towers.

• Lunar Lights duplicate the daylight colour temperature of 6000° Kelvin (crisp white light) whereas conventional lighting towers operate at a lower colour temperature of 3200° Kelvin (yellow light).
• The light can be directed 180° or 360° to allow for various construction site requirements. To meet varied user requirements Lunar Lighting Pty Ltd have developed the compact glare free 2400W LED Lunar Light®, in which the LEDs have an outstanding efficacy of 220 lm/W.

The 2400W LEDs have an impressive total efficacy of 528,000 lumens output, which is a unique green product within the world market place.

The 2400W LED Lunar Lite® incorporates rigid polymer diffusers and is available in a combination of either, or all, of visible light/infrared light/sodium vapour light.

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